Why is Low Maintenance Quartz Important in a Kitchen Countertop?

In today’s world, popularity of a person or a product does not automatically equate to a high-quality characteristic. Although some have indeed earned their way up to popularity due to how good or how awesome they were from the beginning, let’s face it, some things who are still relatively out of the spotlight are too often more deserving of the center stage.

In the on-going race called “Which is the Best Countertop in the World?”, countertops made out of granite remain as the golden frontrunner. And quite frankly, there is not gonna be much discussion about that. Granites are indeed 100% natural, heat-resistant, offer a wide array of design selections, and many more.

However, here comes the challenger. Countertops made of quartz are actually just as good as the unmatched granite – only that if offers more benefits and advantages than your regular Mr. Numero Uno.

And doesn’t that make it better than the best?

Quartz countertops are harder than other countertop materials, making them more durable and more resistant to cracks. That alone sets it far apart from its competitors in terms of strength guarantee. Moreover, it offers many options for appearance due to its convenient nature to match color schemes. So if you are in California, there are plenty of available countertop selections you can find in kitchen remodeling companies. Dana Point has one.

Now, if you would like to know if quartz are eco-friendly, then let me tell you this – purchasing quartz countertops is also a high five to Mother Earth. There is absolutely zero amount of natural stones quarried in the making of quartz countertops because they are engineered unlike other materials (which use a lot of energy for its creation!). Plus, unlike granite, quartz is known to be porous that makes it easier for your kitchen to be bacteria-free. In kitchen remodeling Dana Point-located to be exact, they will be able to confirm these claims and also provide you with a massive amount of reasons why it’s a smart investment to remodel your kitchen countertops today.

All in all, quartz countertops are durable, low maintenance, and safe for the environment. But if you wish to learn more, let this infographic guarantee you further about the beauty of quartz.

Why Low Maintenance Quartz is Important in a Kitchen Countertop