A Short Guide to Home Lighting

When it comes to lighting up your property, every room is different and needs to be considered separately. Optimal lighting doesn’t just help you create the right aesthetic, it is necessary for practical reasons too. After all, you wouldn’t want bright white light in the bedroom when you’re trying to settle down at night. Nor would soft lighting be suitable when you’re trying to prepare a meal in the kitchen. With so much to consider, it can be daunting trying to find the right lighting for your home, so here is a short guide to help you make the right choice.

 Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the general light that is used in every room of the home. It is often positioned in the center of a living space and is used to provide light across an entire room. Ambient lighting is installed for practicality and helps you stay safe as you move around. It is usually created using overhead light fixtures such as track lighting, recessed lighting panel lighting, and chandeliers. The brightness of ambient lighting should depend on the primary purpose of the room. For areas where you work, like the kitchen or home office, it is best to fit bright light bulbs with around 800 lumens. You can create a relaxed, sociable atmosphere in your dining room and living room by using softer light bulbs with around 400 lumens. Many people choose 800 lumens for the bathroom, but some might find the brightness too harsh in some instances, like when you’re getting ready for bed. However, you can combat this brightness by choosing a frosted shade.

 Task Lighting

Task lighting is self-explanatory. It is used when you require light for a specific task, such as reading, drawing, or preparing food. Task lighting is usually created with stand-alone lamps, and they should provide you with around 250 to 1100 lumens. They include reading lamps, desk lamps, and vanity lighting in the bathroom. It is also a good idea to choose adjustable lighting so that you can dim the lights for different situations. When it comes to color temperature, warm bulbs are best for reading at night, while brighter bulbs are great for the office. Powerpoint Electrics is an electrical wholesaler with a shore in Surrey. They provide different types of light solutions for various needs. To view their selection of lights, visit powerpointelectrics.co.uk.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to create the right kind of atmosphere in a room. They are often available in 300 to 400 lumens and are created using various light solutions such as track lighting, recessed lighting, floor lamps, and wall sconces. They help direct attention to architectural elements in a room, or other focal points, such as a piece of artwork, a fireplace, or a feature plant.

Create Layers with Light

You can create different vibes by layering these three types of lighting. To layer your lights successfully, you need to consider the ambience you want, the features you want to highlight, and the purpose of the space. By putting thought into your home lighting, you can create a pleasing aesthetic.