What your Washing Machines can Wash Aside from Clothes

Washing machines are designed to wash your dirty laundry and they can help you save time. However, they can wash much more than clothes and you might not be aware of other items they can clean. But, this depends on the washer you have invested in. If you want to buy a washing machine that can do more than just cleaning cleanings, visit meselectros.com for your options. Below are other things that washing machines can clean. Using your machine to wash them will help you maximise its usability:


Before you try to wash your shoes in your washing machine, check the shoes’ directions first. A lot of canvas shows and some leather shoes can be washed in this way and it is an excellent way to get them fresh. When you wash your shoes with your washer, remove the insoles and laces first and put the shoes inside a mesh laundry bag. Use a mild detergent and warm water when washing your shoes. Only wash your shoes using your washer if the manufacturer allows it.

Workout Gear

If you are like other people, you might just throw your workout clothes into the washer after use. However, did you know that you can also wash sports gear like pads, supports, and compression sleeves in the washer? Just ensure to close any Velcro straps first and put any plastic workout gear in a mesh laundry bag. Use a gentle cycle when washing your gear and air-dry them afterward.

Children’s Toys

A lot of stuffed toys and some plastic toys can be safely washed in the washing machine. But, you cannot wash stuffed toys with electronic or mechanical components in this way. If you wash an old and worn stuffed toy in the washer, it may come apart during rigorous washing. If your kid is sick, disinfect their plastic and stuffed toys by adding a bit of disinfectant to the washer. If you cannot wash the plastic toy in this way, put them in a mesh laundry bag and wash it with warm water and a mild detergent.

Oven Mitt

Over time, oven mitts can become encrusted with food stains that are not easy to remove with a simple hand wash in warm water. Also, such stains are a breeding ground for bacteria and you must keep them as clean as possible. You can wash most mitts to a high standard of cleanliness in your washing machine so they will be fresh and ready to use.