Getting Your Home Checked For Termite Infestation? Here’s What To Expect!

Pest infestation is always a matter of concern for homeowners, but presence of termites is probably a bigger reason to worry. Termites can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home, and soon before you realize, structural integrity of your home is compromised. In the US, termites are found in almost every state, except for Alaska, so this is not a one-off problem. As a precautionary step, you can consider calling termite moisture inspectors, who can come over and check your home. Termite inspections should be done once a year, but if you have had experience with termite infestation before, your home may need more frequent checks.

So, what exactly happens during in termite inspection? Here’s an overview!

  • A visual inspection. The foremost step is visual inspection, where the technicians will check if there are any factors that are putting your home at a greater risk of termite and pest infestation. They will also check for mud tubes, shed wings, and other signs that usually indicate the presence of termites around your home.
  • Inspecting the smaller details. The external perimeter of your home will be first checked for damage and signs of pest infestation, and then, the inspectors will check the wooden components. They will also check the extent of infestation, if at all. Wood debris, loose wood, hollow structures are some of the common signs.
  • Checking for Wood Moisture Content (WMC). The level of moisture in wood can be an indicator of termites. If the moisture range is below 12%, there is nothing to worry about, while anything over 20% can be considered serious and is probably related to wood decay. Extensive decay of wood is confirmed if the moisture content is above 28%. Increase in moisture is usually a sign of termite infestation.

Getting estimates

If the presence of termites is confirmed, the inspectors will then recommend the best pest control methods. There are many companies that specialize in termite real estate inspections in Portsmouth, and you can rely on them for pest control. They will give an estimate in detail, and the work will be done at the earliest, at a time convenient to you.

Final word

Do not delay in seeking help for termite infestation and further remediation. Pest control companies charge a lot less, compared to what you would otherwise spend on extensive repairs, following damage caused by termites. Check online now and get your home checked.

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