Reasons to Construct a Custom Home

If you live in Australia then you may have seen the idea of custom homes on the TV from time to time, whereby a client wants a bespoke home built on an area of land that they choose, or knocking down the old home and building a new ‘custom home’ in its place. Similar shows have gone through the same process with property investors, perhaps they are buying at auction with a view to buy to let or buy to sell, either way the whole process is riveting, but is it worth it?

In the search to find out the answer, this article looks into what you can expect to receive using one of the top custom home builders in Canberra and the reasons why it could be a good idea.


As the name suggests, bespoke means ‘custom’ by that you can choose everything in a custom home that you just wouldn’t be able to do when buying something already built. You can almost become the architect, think work, family, lifestyle, you can completely mould the property to cater for your needs.

Go green

Everybody wants better thermal energy ratings; a better insulated home and more attractive utility bills are the result. Newer homes are better insulated due to ever changing standards, here though you get to be involved.


When building a custom home, it also gives you the opportunity to look into the latest tech, perhaps not something you would have considered with the old property. Entertainment, lighting and home automation systems are readily available for your new build and can be incorporated as part of the design.

Location and position

One the best features of a custom home or property builds is that you can choose where you want the build to take place. If you want to knock down and build new on existing land, then you could position the home differently, bringing a whole new dynamic to your estate.


Understandably so, the initial cost could be more than if you were buying an ‘off the shelf’ home as part of a new build development, but this way you get a completely unique home and not something that looks the same as the rest of the properties on the street. If you intend to spend many a year in the home, then it really is an investment that could last a lifetime.

So, there you have it, the top reasons why building a custom home looks like a good idea. One of your local specialists should be more than happy to go into the finer details, all you have to do is ask.