Epoxy Flooring, Eyes Will Be Glued

The topic of flooring for your work area probably doesn’t often cross your mind and why would it? Floors are floors, aren’t they? They are there to be walked upon, have things spilt on, dropped on, driven all over and hold your heavy machinery for you, often for years at a time. Come to think of it, your floor has probably done one the most important jobs of the all the workforce and what thanks does it get, not a lot normally. The topic for today is Epoxy Flooring services in Adelaide so, if you already have an Epoxy floor or want to find out more, stay glued.

What is epoxy?

Simply put, a mixture of materials that form a resin that is solid, shiny and has a superb finish over the top of your existing surface. It may sound a simple DIY job but be under no illusions, the job must be done correctly or the reasons you chose Epoxy in the first place may as well go out of the window along with the any idea of making a cost saving.

What about the cost?

Costs vary and you would need to speak to a local specialist to get a better idea, having said that when comparing against things like concrete Epoxy is very reasonable indeed, search for epoxy flooring services Adelaide and follow your nose if you want quotes.

Epoxy can be especially cost effective, if you factor in things like downtime, maintenance, and or those unexpected repairs form mishaps (spills or drops). Epoxy flooring solutions are more durable than most floors so you should save money in the long term.

But I like concrete

Really? Kind of sounds like a I’ll stick with what I know thought, well one thing for sure, if you do what you’ve always done then you’ll get what you’ve always got. And honestly who really likes the look of concrete? Sure, you can make it look a little different but it is still concrete ‘indoors.

With epoxy you can choose almost any combination of colors and or designs to suit your needs, or the needs of the business, for example, imagine having your company colour branding and logo made part of the overall finish and design.

Don’t just ‘like it’, be proud.

It would literally transform the look of a room, one of the most eye-catching features is epoxy’s ability to reflect light creating a dynamic ambience like nothing else. If nothing else let your workspace be a place people are proud to be, shoes off before entry please, that sort of thing.