Top Tips to Do Before Selling Your Home

Here are some of the simplest tips that you can follow before selling your home. They may seem incredibly straightforward, but you can be guaranteed that many a home seller has neglected at least a few of these and cost themselves some money in the process.


Don’t make the mistake that many a seller does and forgo ongoing maintenance just because you have the house on the market. Yes, it’s still for your pocket, and you may not get the money back, but unless you keep the house in tip-top condition, then perhaps you risk the sale itself. Stay on top of the ongoing maintenance issues.

Professional advice

Nothing beats the professional estate agent advice that will assist you in planning the price, whether you actually want to sell, and determining what your best options are. So, for example, if you want to sell your home in the Raleigh-Durham area, then it’s highly advisable to look for professionals in the specific area who will be able to advise as to pricing, platforms, and potential to sell.

Do your market research

Take a drive around your neighborhood as well as the one that you’d like to move into and determine both whether you have valued your property at the right price as well as whether you will actually have the money to move into the new neighborhood or home that you may have earmarked. You’d be surprised at how many people sell their homes only to find that they need to borrow more than they first thought or that the equity they have garnered over the years just isn’t what they need. Do the research and make sure that your math is on point to avoid any costly errors in calculations.

Only update rooms that will count

Many people spend a fortune repainting and renovating only to find that the new owners move in and do it over again. Only change rooms that are genuinely dated and or don’t work. The kitchen and bathroom are two favorites to renovate before a sale, and you need to be a frugal, yet as professional as possible. Keep it simple yet suave, with plain colors and muted tones.

Don’t be in a rush

Unless there is a specific reason that the house has to go, such as you moving to another town for work or reasons of unaffordability, then take your time. It is those who rush to sell and then rush the sale itself that often find that they could’ve held out for a little while longer and made a whole lot more money. The estate agents you use may also express a degree of urgency, in that it’s the sale that gets them paid, but be honest and forthright as to what you want and whether you are in a rush or not.

These are the simplest tips for you to implement before you sell your home. In fact, before you even consider selling, you could start with some of these tips to ensure and determine whether you should continue with the process or simply stay where you are.