Synthetic Turf Is Ideal for Around Your Pool

Having a pool on your property can greatly enhance your family’s overall satisfaction at home and create a fun atmosphere for adults and kids alike. Still, the maintenance that goes along with having a pool is a drawback for many. Dealing with things like cleaning it and maintaining the surrounding area can be enough reason to decide against getting a pool, but it doesn’t have to be. Many homeowners are choosing to have synthetic turf around their pools, as it’s an ideal way to maintain its appearance while also cutting down on some common maintenance responsibilities.

Synthetic turf can be installed by professionals like Sportech, and it lasts for many years with little to no maintenance on your end. With this option, you can enjoy your pool while also enjoying a perfectly manicured lawn that has built-in drainage and a more slip-resistant surface. The ease of maintenance could be just the thing to help you make the decision to get the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are a few reasons why people have been choosing to have synthetic turf installed around their pools.

Non-Slip Surface

The most common accidents to happen around a pool are slips and falls. This is often due to the surface around the pool. Many pools are surrounded by a wooden deck, porcelain or stone tile, concrete sidewalks, or natural grass. While these options aren’t often problematic on their own, when they’re combined with water, they become very slippery surfaces and can lead to serious injuries when fallen on. Concrete, tiles, and wood are hard surfaces to fall on, and natural grass becomes a slippery situation with even the slightest exposure to water. And falling on compacted ground can still cause injury.

Though people typically think of children slipping and falling around pools, adults are also susceptible to these kinds of accidents. They are very common and can end with the property owner being liable for any injuries someone sustains in this way on their property.

One way to avoid such injuries or to lessen their impact is to have synthetic turf installed. Synthetic turf is ideal for around your pool for a variety of reasons, one being that it provides a less slippery surface. It’s also softer to fall on should an accident happen.

Maintains Appearance

Nothing looks better than bright green grass growing healthily around your pool. It gives the pool a natural look while avoiding the use of wooden deck material or concrete sidewalks. But achieving this look year-round can come with a lot of extra maintenance.

A big draw to having synthetic turf around your pool or anywhere on your property is its ability to maintain its perfect appearance at all times. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf isn’t as susceptible to the water it’s exposed to when around a pool or intense weather conditions. On the contrary, its synthetic nature allows it to withstand many of the harsh conditions that cause natural grass to wilt away or become damaged.

A fresh, bright-green appearance can enhance the appeal of the pool, making it more likely for people to want to swim and making better use of your investment. With synthetic turf, you’ll enjoy a perfect-looking pool area all year.

Resistant to Chemicals

Natural lawns are living, making them susceptible to any harsh chemicals they’re exposed to. When you have a pool, it can be hard to keep those chemicals away from your natural lawn. Chlorine, for example, must be added to the water to maintain its appearance and cleanliness, but that can cause a natural lawn to die off. You don’t want to create a patch of mud running around your pool.

One of the many benefits of having synthetic turf around your pool is that it can withstand the use of necessary pool chemicals like chlorine. Synthetic turf also allows you to avoid other common chemicals used on natural lawns, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers. This will help to keep your family a little bit safer.

Better Drainage

Having adequate drainage around your pool can be a hassle depending on what surrounds it. The very nature of pool use means that water will be introduced to the surrounding area each time someone enters or exits the pool. Depending on how much use your pool receives at a given time, this excess pool water can end up pooling in areas and becoming a puddle.

On concrete, this puddle can create a slipping hazard that is dangerous to people walking or running around the pool. With natural grass, pooling can create a similar slip hazard while also creating a muddy mess and potential damage to the lawn. Your natural lawn will always be working against the water introduced to it, and if you don’t account for the issue, you could end up dealing with bigger water damage down the road.

With a synthetic turf lawn around your pool, you won’t have to worry about damage from lack of draining. One of the many benefits of having this type of lawn installed is that when professionals like Sportech do the job, they also install a proper drainage system.

Can Be a Cleaner Option

Keeping up with the cleanliness of your pool is a constant battle you’ll face as a pool owner. Things always seem to find their way into the water—leaves from a tree, cut grass from your latest round with the mower, or particles from the ground. One of the downsides of having grass or dirt right beside your pool is that the debris often finds its way into the pool.

Blades of grass and mud are a nuisance you don’t have to deal with when you have turf around your pool. Synthetic turf is made from a material that is durable and not easily dislodged. It can withstand the frequent use that it will go through being so close to a pool area and save you from some of the debris that would end up in your pool.