Safeguard Your Log and Timber Home

It takes a lot of love and effort to turn a house into a home, which is why we want it to look great and last a lifetime. When it comes to log homes, extra maintenance is required to keep it looking new. Continuous care is advised, but it does not have to be a huge task. By being vigilant, and fixing the smaller issues, and calling for help in case of a bigger problem, your home will remain your happy place.

Each building site is unique just like each home is different. By going to you could see how different each home can be, which is why there is no simple one size fit instruction to maintain them. With variables like design, construction quality, tree species, and climate, a few of the following maintenance issues might occur.


Were you aware that the design of the cabin, your local climate, and even the direction it faces affects its maintenance? This is why visual inspections are the key to discovering any problem areas with your house. It is paramount to keep an eye out for indications on moisture gaining a hold on the logs, as these lead to decay. Logs closest to the ground are at a higher risk of decay than the ones that are farther up.


The design of a log home can also affect its long-term maintenance. By incorporating a few elements in the design future issues can be avoided. For example, a wrap-around porch and deep overhangs protect the logs from coming in direct contact with rain. If the home is in a snowy region, it is prudent to consider building a higher foundation, as the first log course should be at least 6 inches above the average accumulation.


More often than not, the first signs of flaw can be seen in the roof. A complicated roof system (multiple roof planes, chimneys, etc.) could lead to easier water penetration. The attic should be periodically checked for matted or mildewed insulation caused by rainwater penetration.

Ice Dams

If you live in a cold area, the winter months could cause ice dams. Damages by ice dams can end up being an expensive fix, which is why you should keep an eye out for icicles forming off the eaves. The ice dams occur due to warm air buildup in the attic and can be prevented by increasing the amount of insulation. The increased insulation prevents heat from entering the attic and improves ventilation so that the warm air escapes quickly.


Apart from general maintenance, it is important to keep an eye out for the above issues to ensure that your log home is healthy. You can fix the smaller issues but it is advised to leave bigger issues for the professionals. Things like stain removal via media blasting (using high-pressure glass, corncob, soda, or other materials), enclosing holes made by like woodpeckers etc. is best left to the experts, as the damage might continue to increase when not treated properly.