Must-Have Dresses For Cold Days In The City

Winter and autumn can be tough seasons for women who love wearing dresses.

Certain types of dresses lose heat quickly in the colder months and don’t offer enough coverage, leaving many patches of skin exposed to the cold air. This is not great if you are rushing around the city center without coverage and especially if you live in a climate where you may be rained on at any moment.

The key to fashion is adaptation, and there are many dresses available today that you could wear even during a snowstorm, and you would stay warm and cozy. So, if you want to add a winter dress to your wardrobe, read on for the different types which will likely tick that snuggly and stylish box.

Turtleneck Dress

Turtleneck dresses are exactly what they sound like.

They are usually a longer dress which has a turtleneck top, and while the majority of these dresses do have long sleeves, you can sometimes find them with shorter ones. Although if it comes to maintaining heat, you will probably want a turtleneck dress that covers everything.

The best part about turtleneck dresses is that they look great on every shape, with even plus size fashion UK in this style looking striking!

Wool Dress

Moving away from designs for a moment and onto the material. Wool is an obvious choice, although if you have an allergy to wool, you may want to opt for fake wool.

While it would not be ideal to wear a woolen dress on a rainy day, as it will cause you to sweat, if there is ice on the pavement outside, it may be time to pull one out. Be careful of what you pair a wool dress with, as these can become very warm very quickly, and you don’t want to become dehydrated.

Long Sleeved Dresses

As mentioned before, long-sleeve dresses are a must-have for any woman who loves wearing dresses in the cooler months, as they simply offer more coverage. It may be best to avoid long sleeve dresses that are made of wool as this can cause profuse sweating. Instead, aim for options made from cotton, as this will allow your skin to breathe with more ease and will prevent you from becoming overly warm, keeping you at a comfortable temperature.

Harem Dress

Harem dresses have come back into popularity in recent months, so you may be wondering where exactly they fit in on a cold winter day. You can get Harem dresses made from thicker materials, and when they are paired with underclothing items such as leggings, they can indeed be toasty and fashionable for those colder days in the city.

Leather Dress

Much as before with wool dresses, if you opt for a leather dress on a cold day, try to ensure that it is not too long, as this can cause excessive sweating and discomfort. Many women choose leather dresses that do not have sleeves and are mid-length so that there is still space for the skin to breathe.