Louvered Roof Systems For Outdoor Living

A louvered pergola offers a unique solution to homeowners looking for more shade and control over their outdoor living spaces. They can be controlled by pushing a button to block out the sun or provide refreshing ventilation.

They are durable, stand up to the elements, offer protection from rain, and can be integrated into any architectural style. They are also aesthetically pleasing and can elevate your outdoor space.


Whether you are redoing your patio deck or building a new one, a louvered roof system can make it an oasis for relaxing and entertaining. They provide shade, prevent glare, and minimize heat build-up on the deck. They also extend the life of outdoor furniture and appliances by minimizing UV exposure. They can even reduce the energy costs of heating and cooling your home.

A motorized louvered pergola will let you control sun and shade at the push of a button, giving you maximum flexibility. With just a remote or smartphone app flick, you can enjoy your patio in any weather.

StruXure is a leader in the mechanical pergola industry. Their Pergola X line includes four different pergola designs, including their most popular, the Pivot 6. This pergola features the company’s classic innovative roof technology and is available in a size that fits most residential homes. Homeowners who want to take their brilliant experience to the next level can upgrade to the Pivot 6 Slide.


With a touch of a button, Equinox’s louvers rotate to provide full sunshine, filtered shade, or rain protection. They are the perfect addition to any backyard oasis, deck, patio, lanai, veranda, entryway, or outdoor kitchen. These systems meet all building standards and can be integrated into innovative home technology.

Equinox is the preferred manufacturer of exclusive shade structures for discerning customers and designers. Their quality products and advanced LEAN manufacturing processes elevate their offerings to a new level.

Equinox also offers lighting, heating, and sensors to complement its motorized louvered roof systems. They are solar-powered and offer various color options to complement your modern home. Equinox will enhance your outdoor space while adding a unique focal point to increase your property value. They can also be connected to your innovative HVAC system, wireless network, and smartphone. This allows for more thrilling sun weather control than ever before.


A brilliant pergola with louvered roof systems offers homeowners a new level of luxury outdoor living. The louvered system lets in light, provides 100% shade and ventilation, and prevents rain from entering the area. It can also be opened and closed with a remote control. The louvers can be positioned in different positions to adjust the amount of light and ventilation they allow.

The company has various color options for its louvered roof systems. They can be ordered in standard colors such as white, terracotta, bronze, and adobe, or custom colors. They are powder coated for long-lasting beauty and durability.

The louvered roof system is available in various sizes to meet homeowners’ needs. Its slats are made of maintenance-free, high-quality aluminum. It is also highly energy efficient and lowers cooling costs by reducing direct sunlight. It can also be integrated with a Somfy intelligent home system to control the opening and closing of the louvered roof.


The R-Blade pergola by Azenco has a motorized louvered roof that allows it to be closed in the heat of the summer and opens when the sun goes down. It has insulated dual-wall louvers that block out the sun and seal out rain. That’s important because the sound of water hitting the roof can be a detraction to your patio lifestyle.

It has a remote control and can be integrated into your intelligent home automation system. It is a bioclimatic pergola that fits all homes, from contemporary to classic. It is the perfect addition to any Louvered Roof Systems for Outdoor Living spaces in Los Angeles.

The R-Blade pergola is easy to install and integrates well with other outdoor products, such as lighting, speakers, and heating systems. It can also be upgraded with ambient red, blue and green illumination with lights built into the framework. They can be controlled from a smart device or with voice commands through popular home assistant apps like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.