How To Take Care of Men’s Clothes

It is all very well kitting out your wardrobe with the finest pieces in fashion, but if you do not know how to take care of them, it is a fast-track way to your clothes becoming ruined. Different clothes require extra care, and to make things even more complicated, even certain areas of one garment could need attention to detail.

If you are looking for a guide on how to take care of clothes, you have come to the right place. Read on for some awesome tips and tricks to keep your wardrobe looking crisp for years to come.

Get Quality From the Get-Go

As the saying goes, “You can’t polish a turd”, and while you can try and improve the appearance of garments that are made from less-than-desirable materials, they are fundamentally not strong enough to survive longer than a year at the most without becoming misshapen, thin, or looking literally worse for wear.

If you buy quality clothes made from quality material from the get-go, you have something that you can work with for much longer with proper care. Head over to a mens clothing Oxford company to choose some pieces that will stay in great condition longer than your phone screen.

Follow Care Instructions to The Letter

Every garment comes with a label that will tell you exactly how you can take care of that specific piece, and it is up to you to make sure that you pay attention to what they say. There is a reason that putting delicate materials in on a 60-degree wash is not a good idea, much like it is advised not to put jumpers made of cashmere in a tumble dryer.

Make sure to adhere to the label’s instructions to avoid your clothes shrinking, becoming stretched, ripping, or even melting. If you are not sure, then a cold hand wash will usually be delicate enough for even the finest materials – however, use Google to help.

Swap Your Clothes Out Regularly

The more you wear a certain piece of clothing, along with the more you wash it, the faster it is going to fade and become weaker. If you have a particular favorite pair of jeans or you would prefer to keep a top in good condition, then make sure to swap them out with others to preserve them for longer.

The fibers of your clothes need time to rest from being stretched and washed, so swapping them out will keep them in good shape for months to come!

Treat Stains As Soon As Possible

Stains are one of life’s inconveniences. From the spilled spag bol on the white shirt to the red wine stain on the beige cargos, removing stains must be a priority as soon as it happens to reduce the risk of permanent color damage. Just make sure you are using the right products on the material. You don’t want to make the stain worse, after all! There are plenty of hacks out there that will help you remove these stains and entire articles on the matter. Check out this article for more information on removing stains quickly.