Finding The Best Supplier Of Plasterboard For Your Building Project

When undertaking a significant building project, if you are not careful, the cost of materials can spiral out of control and increase the overall expense of your project. You can make significant savings when you shop for the best supplier of materials you will need, such as plasterboard, and ensure you get quality materials at an affordable price. Below you can find tips to help you locate the best supplier for plasterboard to help reduce your overall costs, and you can apply the same principles to other building materials to help keep your building costs down.

Decide What Type Of Plasterboard You Will Use

There are various options for plasterboard you can use in your building project, and you must ensure you choose the correct type for your needs. You can purchase plasterboard with insulation that includes thermal and acoustic insulation, and there is also fire-rated plasterboard that you can buy. Look at the options available and select the one that is best for your project, and then you will need to determine how much you will need.

How Much Plasterboard You Require

You will need to determine how much plasterboard you will need for your project, and there is a simple formula you can use to work this out. You will need to take the length and width of the plasterboard and times these together, and then divide the square meter of the room by this number. For example, if the plasterboard is 2400mm x 1200mm, multiplying these together gives you 2.88m, and if the square meters of the room you need to plaster is 120m, you divide this by 2.88, giving you 41.6. As such, you will require just over 42 boards to plaster the entire room. You will also want to add between 10-15% to allow for wastage and ensure you have enough to finish your job.

Start Searching Online For Suppliers

Once you know the type of plasterboard you require and how much of it, you can start looking for reliable suppliers online. You will find that the building materials industry is highly competitive, and many companies supply what you need. You will need to compare these companies and see which offers the best building materials and competitive prices, to help you select which one to use.

Comparing The Suppliers

You must look at the unit price of the plasterboard you are purchasing and see if the advertised prices include VAT. You will also need to look at the delivery costs for each company and whether they have any free delivery options for orders over a certain value. You can determine the total cost of each supplier you are considering and see which offers the most cost-effective option.

You can then place your order for the plasterboard your project requires and ensure that you keep your materials costs as low as possible. Repeat this process for all the different building materials your project needs, and you can help ensure that your project is completed to a high standard and within your budget. Try using the same supplier for multiple items, and you can further reduce the material costs for your build.