Different Roofing Options for Home Improvement

The roof of your house has broad utility; it not only acts as a swathe but also keeps away rain and sunlight. In some structures, it becomes an integral part. The roof performs as a barrier for the entire construction and resists wide fluctuation of temperature, storm, rain, and UV rays of sunlight. The coastal bend of the US is exposed to a frequent tornados a stable roof structure is required to withstand the onslaught. With the ferocious wind, debris and rainwater also fall on the roof. To have a solid roof structure, you need to consult a residential roofing company that will erect a roof that aligns with the construction.

Asphalt roofing

In the US, homeowners mostly opt for asphalt roofing as it is easy to install, economical and versatile. But there are other options available other than asphalt. To know about other types, contact a residential roofing contractor. The company will provide an estimation according to the covered area and type of roofing you want to construct. Here are the common types of roofing in the US:

Strip shingles

Strip shingles are also known as 3-tab shingles due to their formation. This is the most fundamental type of roofing crafted from single-layer asphalt that appears like a slate with flat dimensions.


Dimensional shingles

Dimensional shingles are composed of two or more coatings of asphalt and are hence more durable. Due to its multiple layers, it looks multi-dimensional and resembles natural slate or wood shake.

Luxury shingles

Luxury shingles are the most premium quality shingles in the class due to their varied functionality and facade. With durability and weather-resistant property, it comes with the aesthetic value it gives your home a posh look. Consult a roofing contractor to find the most suitable one according to your budget and home structure.

Slate roofing

Slate roofing has been practiced by homeowners for decades as it provides both sturdiness and quality. It is more eco-friendly and aesthetic and gives your house a dramatic look. Roof waste constitutes around 5% of landfilling garbage, and the major part comes from shingles as they need substitution after every twenty or thirty years. If you want to enhance the home façade, slate roofing is the choice, and it is fire resistant and would not decompose. Slate roofing remains intact for around a century, so once you install it, the next few generations can benefit from it. But the slate is brittle and needs expert handling and erection for this upfront cost increase. Maintenance and groove cleaning is challenging in slate roofing.

Tile roof shingles

Tile roof shingles are sturdy and stunning, but it is bulky and expensive. Tile roof comes in different dimension and color and is resistant to saline and humid weather. Fort his property, this type of roofing is widely used in the Florida coast, California and Southwest. With all qualities, they are breakable under certain conditions and put more load on the building structure. The prevailing tile roof has earthen shades with an arched shape widely used in the Southeast. However, they come in different shades and styles. You have multiple choices. The shape can be smooth, fluted, or interconnected and appear like a log shake, giving the house a rustic look.