5 Living Room Trends for 2022

Welcoming people into your home and feeling pride is a great feeling, and what better way to do that than restyling your living room. Carrying out a deep living room renovation consistently would be unviable because trends come and go like a boomerang. However, investing in a fresh coat of paint or a well-placed sofa can help you stay current and keep the cost down. Throughout this article, we discuss five trends to follow in 2022.

Fireplaces Under TVs

From game consoles to streaming Netflix, we spend a lot of time using our TVs, so why not create a warming ambience by installing a fireplace under your TV. A custom fireplace, especially when placed under the TV, will be the focal point for the entire room, which means you can cut corners on other areas. If you are not sure which fireplaces you can use, Stonewoods has lots of options.

Blending Outside with Inside

Bringing elements of the outside world inside has been trending for a couple of years now, and 2022 is only adding fuel to the fire. Plants and flowers add a calming feel to our homes, which is perfect for beating those winter blues. With many of us living busy lives and spending more time at home, succulents are growing in popularity because they don’t need much care.


Over the last couple of years, our homes have had to carry out countless functions including work, exercising, and entertaining. Born out of increased usage, zoning emerged and will help families live their various lifestyles.

After some smart thinking, homeowners can turn any shape living room into a multi-functional space. For example, temporary dividers can be used to split areas for work and entertainment. Further, rugs can help to add more depth to a living room without physically zoning the area. You can read more about arranging living room furniture here.

Lighting Configurations

Configuring the lighting in your living room is a great way to achieve a fresh look, and you don’t need to spend on decorating. Lighting options have grown beyond simple table lamps, with the sale of salt lamps and sconce lighting increasing drastically. Further, with the introduction of smart lighting into the affordable market, people are experimenting more with colour to set the mood.

Japandi Interiors

Japandi interior takes the eastern world and blends it with the west, which results in an extremely calming decor for an at-home retreat. The whole point of Japandi decor is reconnecting with nature, which is why natural materials and colour palettes are used. Think authentic hardwood dining tables, linen cloths and earth tableware; throw in some greenery and you’ve completed the look.

A full renovation is expensive, but we’re spending more time at home and want our homes to feel trendy. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple alterations you can make that will keep the cost extremely low. Taking the above trends into consideration, 2022 is all about creating zen in our living rooms and bending the space to suit multifaceted lifestyles.