4 Things All Landlords Need to Check in Their Rental Property

Renting properties can be a good way to make some extra income, but it’s important to note that as a landlord, you are liable for taking care of damages. If a property is in poor condition, and something happens to your tenants such as an injury or illness caused by the issue, then you could find yourself with a hefty fine or even a criminal record. Here are some things that all landlords need to check in their property.

  1. Damp

Damp isn’t just smelly and annoying, it can cause real damage to your property and even put tenant’s health at risk. Make sure that when you buy a property, a survey is carried out to look for issues such as damp, and that if it’s detected you invest in putting damp-proofing in place.

  1. Structural damage

Structural damage can also cause issues in rented homes. If something has come loose over time or is close to collapse, then you are putting tenant’s lives at risks and may find yourself in legal trouble. Again, check what’s in the inspection report and ensure repairs are carried out quickly.

  1. Fire safety

Depending on which area your properties are located in, it’s likely you’ll be responsible for fire safety. When you buy a new home to rent out, it’s worth researching passive fire protection Australia to help prevent fires and protect your properties. You should ensure you have good quality fire alarms installed and carry out regular checks, and also consider installing extinguishers and fire blankets if possible.

  1. Electric and gas safety

Some other regular checks that you may need to make by law are inspections of gas and electrics. This can include:

  • Gas appliances
  • Central heating
  • Air con systems
  • Boilers and water tanks

It’s worth paying for an inspection and for maintenance to be carried out regularly if possible, as this will keep things running efficiently and mean you’re less likely to be saddled with a big repair bill down the line. The reason gas and electrics are such important checks is that they can become unsafe over time, which could potentially cause a fatal injury or serious damage to your home.

Landlords have a great deal of responsibility to their tenants, ensuring the homes they let out are safe and well-maintained. Consider drawing up a calendar for maintenance and checks, so you can be sure that the people who rent their homes from you are safe and happy.