Four Steps to Revolutionize Your Hallway Design

First impressions, while not the be all and end all, still truly count, and as such, the design and overall aesthetic impact experienced when entering the hallway of your home is important. With this in mind, continue reading to discover four steps you can take to revolutionize the design features of your hallway and create an accurate representation of who you are as a person through your decor.

1.    Inject a Touch of Nature

First and foremost, throughout each of your different interior living spaces, it will only serve to benefit the design and decor if you incorporate some more natural elements, and in the hallway, especially.

Indoor plants that are not only suited to living inside, but veritably thrive in the warmer air, will not only help to relax both you and your visitors, but also provide the following advantages:

  • They give you a sharper attention span and a heightened ability to concentrate.
  • Boost your productivity levels both inside and outside the home.
  • Fresher and cleaner air.
  • A stronger immune system prone to faster recovery.
  • A lowering of your core stress and anxiety levels.

2.    Upgrade to a Carpeted Floor

For the past few years and more, there has been a definite lean toward hardwood and laminate flooring in the average American home, and even though laminate does have a number of advantages to carpet, unless there’s any specific needs that you need to cater for, it’s time to switch back and upgrade to a hallway carpet.

Undeniably, a carpeted floor, fitted by professional and experienced Balham carpet fitters, of course, will add a much-needed layer of both physical and spiritual warmth to the area and is the perfect way to welcome your guests into your private space.

3.    Use Blue as the Base of Your Color Scheme

When it comes to choosing the color scheme of your newly decorated hallway, even though there is obviously a myriad of colors, tones, and shades to choose from, unless you have a particular aversion to blue, this is your best bet.

Not only are pale blues, aquas, and turquoise trending right now, but these tones will bring in an extra layer of light and space to even the smallest and most compact of entryways.

If painting the entirety of the space blue seems like too much of a leap, then you could instead choose to bring in pieces of carefully chosen wall art and other ornaments that have blue as a base.

4.    Keep the Entrance Clutter-Free

The fourth and final step involves drastically reducing the volume of bric-a-brac, shoes, coats and other piles of clutter, and this is important regardless of the size and layout of the space.

Carefully consider the type of storage options you choose, and specifically, look to use wall space rather than having cabinets and baskets, however small or large, on the floor. Even a row of brass-coated fitted hooks above the radiator would mean there’s no longer an excuse for piles of coats clogging up the walkway.