4 Types Of Tool You Will Need To Complete A Kitchen Refurbishment

Looking to spruce up your kitchen? While most people opt to hire contractors to refit and refurbish their beloved cooking spaces, more ambitious people can choose to complete the work themselves. The kitchen is central to the way a home is experienced. Cooking and eating are powerful things, and cultivating a good space for these activities can reinvigorate your home life. Here are some kinds of tools essential for a kitchen refurbishment.

Framing Hammer With Ripping Claw

Other than watching the final result come together at the end, the most satisfying part of a refurbishment project is the destruction you get to unleash at the beginning. This might be the only time when you can permit yourself to smash up, tear up, and wreak havoc on your beloved home. It is important that you commit these acts of destruction carefully, as any extraneously destroyed areas can damage your ability to refit the room. A framing hammer with a ripping claw is invaluable when conducting the initial tear down. The ripping claw saves a great deal of effort – allowing you to lever away areas of wood without using your hands. Building supply companies like Executive Home Building Centre in Canada usually supply a good selection of framing and demolition hammers.

Circular Saw

Almost every kitchen refurbishment project involves at least some carpentry elements. Whether it is constructing new frames, creating and erecting cabinets, or producing skirting, the chances are high that you will need to be good with wood. Circular saws make quick work of lumber, allowing you to complete carpentry tasks quickly. Circular saws can be very dangerous and were responsible for a huge amount of woodworking injuries in the 20th Century. Recent safety innovations have made circular saws less dangerous – including automatic stopping and cut-proof guarding.

Battery Powered Drill/ Screwdriver

You are going to need to drill holes, attach fittings and tighten screws during your refurbishment project. An electric drill with screwing, drilling, and hammering bits is a must-have tool. Trying to complete any of these tasks by hand will cost you a great deal of time and almost certainly reduce consistency in your work. Battery-powered drills today have long battery lives and are almost as powerful as mains-powered tools. Splash out on a top of the range model and some good bits if your project is going to take longer than a couple of weeks. Cheap models do not tend to last very long under duress.

Soldering Iron And Electrical Tools

If you are not confident with basic electrical work, the best and safest thing you can do is to contact an electrician to wire up your new kitchen. Even if you have a little experience with soldering and circuitry and think you could try and do it yourself, getting in the experts is always the safest option.

If you do decide to do it yourself, a high-powered electrical soldering iron, crocodile clips, lead-free solder, and electrical tape are essentials if you want to wire up your kitchen. You’ll also carefully need to research the electrical fittings you need – including light fittings, outlets, and switches. However, as mentioned, it is likely safer to get someone in who knows the ins and outs of this thoroughly.